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Colleges and Universities

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Connecting with Colleges and Universities

Connecting with colleges and universities is a great way to grow a strong workforce. GUCA promotes career fairs throughout the state of Georgia. Participating in career fairs is a great way to share with students the opportunities available in the utility construction industry.

GUCA provides opportunities for members to speak to students at Georgia Southern University (GSU) and Kennesaw State University (KSU) Construction Student Guild Meetings. Members inform students of the endless possibilities in utility construction as a viable career for graduating students

GUCA member Ruby-Collins, Inc. and GUCA staff attended Kennesaw State University’s (KSU) General Construction and Construction Law classes. Students received first-hand knowledge of career opportunities in the utility construction industry. As a result, Ruby-Collins, Inc. hired a KSU student.

BRW Construction Group, LLC hired a summer intern who attended the GSU STEM Fair. GUCA distributed resumes received during the Southern Crescent Technical College (SCTC) STEM Fair. As a result, GUCA member Four Hats, Inc. hired an administrative assistant. David Garten stated, “Investing in and appropriately manning the Director of Workforce Development position, GUCA has added a viable and effective asset that provides solid return on investment to the members. GUCA employees took the time to listen to our company employment challenges and has been a great resource to help us connect to appropriate agencies to find potential applicants beyond what a recruiter would do. GUCA is the one stop shop to connect to resources that we can use to build relationships to pipeline potential hires short and long term.”

Virtual College Career Fairs

Recent events influenced an increase in virtual career fairs. As colleges and universities begin to conduct in-person career fairs, virtual fairs continue to be an effective option for students and employers as well.

Below is a list of Georgia colleges with construction programs. Each college has a different method of connecting their students to employers. Certain colleges require the employer to register on the college’s career management system. Access to this platform provides the employer with current career fair details and the ability to post open positions. Colleges that do not utilize a career management system provide information on their website of their process for connecting students to employers. Please access the links below for detailed information specific to the colleges in your area.

Atlanta Technical College

Central Georgia Technical College

Georgia Northwestern Technical College

Georgia Southern University

Gwinnett Technical College

Kennesaw State University

Lanier Technical College

Ogeechee Technical College

Savannah Technical College

Southern Crescent Technical College

University of Georgia

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