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Building for the Future in Our School Systems

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Building for the Future in Our School Systems - High School Career Fairs

Participating in high school career fairs is essential to opening the student’s minds to the possibilities of a future in the utility construction industry. Many of the students are apprehensive and somewhat timid as they explore their options at a career fair. Connecting with students while they are planning for their future provides an opportunity to encourage them to explore the utility construction industry.

Youth Apprenticeship Program

GUCA offers a Youth Apprenticeship Program to provide students, in partnership with business, industry, and regional post-secondary institutions, with work-based and school-based learning activities which leads to a well-educated, highly skilled workforce for the utility construction industry. See post: Workers Compensation Discount for Work-Based Learning Students.

Workers Compensation Discount for Work-Based Learning Students

HB 402 became law and allows for participating businesses who hire high school students as interns, a discount of up to 5% on their total workers' compensation insurance premiums. Work-based learning programs allow students aged 16 and older to participate in a structured learning environment at the employer's job site. GUCA has a certified work-based learning curriculum and guidelines to help make this a smooth transition. Students in the program are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship toward their continual education with a focus on construction in any Georgia college and university.

Visit Georgia General Assembly for a Complete Copy of the Bill

GUCA hosts Jobsite Visit for Students

GUCA hosted 21 high school students from Central Education Center, Newnan, Georgia on a jobsite visit to Southern Company’s 1,400 acre Plant Yates Electric Generating Plant in Newnan, Georgia. Students were able to witness the construction activities of C.A. Murren & Sons Company, Inc. that included installing more than 5,200 linear feet of 24” HDPE water line to allow for proper cooling of Units 6 and 7.

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