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Community Service

Each year GUCA is looking for new community service projects. If you have any project in your area or know of a project that you would like to see GUCA working with, please fill out the following form below:

GUCA Community Service Project Form
Veterans Empowerment Organization Project

Goshen Valley Mission

Goshen Valley’s mission is to provide hope and healing to foster youth and vulnerable families to cultivate personal healing and generational change. Because of the trauma and abuse many experience, they face daunting statistics: low graduation rates, high rates of incarceration, homelessness, substance abuse, and unemployment.

Goshen Valley Boys Ranch, located on 160 acres in northern Cherokee County, is home to around 40 young men in foster care age 8-18. All boys participate in therapeutic counseling, public school education, and our comprehensive recreation program, all while living in a unique, family-based home.

Our goal is for every young man to know the safety of a home, the love of a family, and the hope of a future.


More Information About Goshen Valley Mission!


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Civil Site Services, Inc. cleared and graded three lots for future homes for the Griffin Area Habitat for Humanity recently. The clearing and grading of the three lots had a project value of $11,000.00.

Once the houses are completed, families will be able to move in to the newly constructed homes.


Habitat is founded on the conviction that every man, woman and child should have a simple, decent, affordable place to live in dignity and safety.

Screenshot_2018-09-09 2015_habitat_for_h

Habitat's mission and methods are predominantly derived from a few key theological concepts: the necessity of putting faith into action, the "economics of Jesus" and the "theology of the hammer."

Habitat for Humanity

New Church Parking Lot

Callaway Grading, Inc. removed the old deteriorating driveway and re-graded the driveway entrance for the Mount Carmel United Methodist Church in Hampton, Georgia.


Civil Site Services, Inc. provided 20 tons of GAB Asphalt Mix and E.R. Snell Contractor provided 6.5 tons of Asphalt.


The placement of the Asphalt was completed by Onsite Paving Sealcoating and Maintenance, LLC.


The new church driveway will enable the church membership to grow as new parking spaces are available for visitors and members.

Screenshot_2018-09-09 2015_mount_carmel_

Little League Field in Inman, GA

Georgia Utility Contractors Association, Inc. (GUCA) member Civil Site Services, Inc. cleared and graded two acres of land for the New Hope Methodist Church Little League Baseball Field in Inman, Georgia.


The clearing of the land will enable boys and girls from surrounding areas to enjoy the game of baseball that otherwise may not have been made available to the children.


Civil Site Services provided 3 workers and approximately 140 man-hours to help complete this project. In addition, Civil Site Services provided two front end loaders to perform the clearing and a dozer to perform finish grade on the project for a total value of services around $16,000.00.

Screenshot_2018-09-09 GEORGIA UTILITY CO

Civil Site Services, Inc. is no stranger to community service projects and has worked on numerous community service projects throughout Georgia. If your community has a utility construction community service need, contact GUCA at 404-362-995 for further assistance.

Camp Inagehi Christian Bible Camp

GUCA member Western Summit Constructors, Inc. found the time and resources to help others in the community by giving back through community service efforts.


Several Western Summit Constructors employees assisted the Camp Inagehi Christian Bible Camp with some light grading and clearing of the ½ acre site to provide proper drainage for an upcoming amphitheater building needed for summer camp operations.

Camp Inagehi is a non-profit organization funded entirely by camp fees and the donation of individuals and Churches who 

Screenshot_2018-09-09 Even though the U

are interested in Christian camping. The camp is owned and operated by Atlanta Bible Camp consisting of members from the Church of Christ. Campers are accepted regardless of race, creed or religious affiliations.


Cowin Equipment Company provided a rubber tire backhoe and fuel to perform the work and Hertz Rental Equipment provide a dozer to perform the removal of stumps and grading/clearing work.


With the help of GUCA members, the grading needed for the amphitheater building was completed and hundreds of children will now be able to part icipate in plays and concerts at Camp Inagehi.

GUCA  member Douglas Electrical & Plumbing, Inc. has extended a helping hand to the Little Ocmulgee State Park, located in Helena, Georgia to stop the formation of huge gullies in the beach that were washing the sand away right after rainfall. To combat this problem, Douglas Electrical and Plumbing rerouted the water coming off the parking lot to an underground basin which in turn would put the water into the lake.


Douglas Electrical and Plumbing, Inc. not only volunteered their time and expertise to this project but also donated all the materials to put in the underground basin at the beach area. After quoting Friends of Little Ocmulgee State Park a total cost of zero dollars, Douglas Electrical and Plumbing, Inc. arrived bright and early on Friday, April 16th to perform and complete the three day

Screenshot_2018-09-09 FACSIMILE COVERSHE

Erosion Problem at State Park

project. The project will not only stop the unsightly gullies from forming in the sand, it will also save the park money from having to keep purchasing sand and committing their limited manpower to fixing and maintaining the previous reoccurring problem. With the help and expertise of Douglas Electrical & Plumbing, Inc. now this state park no longer has to worry about this problem and exhausting delicate resources.


Douglas Electrical & Plumbing, Inc. has committed to continue to assist Friends of Little Ocmulgee State Park, by

donating up to 75 tons of asphalt needed to resurface a street inside the park leading to the camp cabins. GUCA members, like Douglas Electrical & Plumbing, Inc. have worked on numerous community service projects throughout Georgia. If your community has a utility construction community service need, contact GUCA at 404-362-995 for further assistance.

Veterans Empowerment Organization (VEO) Donations

GUCA Community Service Chairmen Jason Ray, Archer Western Construction, LLC, and Jody Rogers, Y-Delta, Inc., led the effort for GUCA members to donate boxes of coats, blankets, food, and daily essentials to the Veterans Empowerment Organization (VEO). The Veterans Empowerment Organization helps empower the lives of Military Veterans through comprehensive social reintegration programs that offer a lasting change for veterans and their families.


The VEO Self-Sufficiency Model focuses on taking "invisible veterans" off the streets and placing them into a safety net of support that provides immediate and long-term housing, treatment and recovery for addiction, healthy meals, basic necessities, and clothing, as well as medical care, mental health counseling, life-skills training and workforce development support.


GUCA members were encouraged to bring donations to the 2017 Fall Quarterly Meeting. For those companies who led this as a company-wide initiative, its support helps keep a Vet off the streets! With GUCA member involvement we are “Partnerships for the Future."


GUCA Parking Lot Replacement

GUCA Parking Lot.jpg

GUCA member The Corbett Group, LLC completed the milling, paving, striping, and installation of wheel stops to the GUCA parking lot. This project required more than 4,700 square yards of new asphalt to be laid in one day while the daily operations of GUCA were being conducted. Not only did The Corbett Group, LLC complete the work in a timely manner with the upmost professionalism, the project was completed at a cost of $24,677.00 which included a $5,000.00 in-kind donation of the original quote of $29,677.00.

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma Relief

GUCA donated items valued at several thousand dollars to Texas and Florida residents impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.The members of GUCA really stepped up to the plate with donations of bottled water, food pantry items, fans, cleaning supplies, etc. These items were delivered to Community Christian Bible Church and Atlanta Motor Speedway for immediate transportation to churches in Texas and Florida that were able to deliver items to affected areas.


GUCA President Crump in conjunction with the Warner Robins Lions Club collected a truckload of mops and brooms to go to the hurricane victims in Florida.


The GUCA Board also approved $2,500.00 in e-cards, gift cards and on-line donations to go to individual victims, churches, and the Salvation Army.      


GUCA members always go the extra mile when it comes to helping those in need. The GUCA Community Service Committee was formed for this purpose. It gives members one central location to donate items and GUCA then finds the resources to receive these items.

Hurricane Harvey and Irma.JPG

Coweta County Fairgrounds Boy Scout Project

RDJE, Inc. re-graded a swale to allow for proper drainage for the Coweta County Fairgrounds in Newnan, Georgia. The shallow swale graded by Joe Webb, RDJE, Inc. allows storm water to release down the slope into the drain pool preventing future erosion problems. RDJE, Inc. donated 10 tons of river rock stone and 2 bales of wheat straw.


Boy Scouts of America Troop 2193 of Sharpsburg, Georgia installed the river rock stone and spread the wheat straw bales to complete the project. Upon completion and acceptance of the project by the Coweta County Fairgrounds, Evan Goembel will receive his Eagle Scout Badge and Hornaday Badge for Soil and Water Conservation.

Boy Scouts Coweta County Fairgrounds.JPG

Animal Shelter Humane Society, Centerville, Georgia

GUCA member LaKay Enterprises, Inc. cleared, graded and dug out a foundation for an animal shelter storage building for the Humane Society in Centerville. After the earthwork was completed over 6 cubic yards of concrete was poured before the 16’ x 25’ storage building could be constructed. The total value of the earthwork and concrete work needed for completion of the project was valued at $2,000.00.

Centerville, GA Humane Society Animal Sh
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